Custom-built buggies

Why a beach buggy?

Back in the late 1960’s, Bruce Meyers invented the beach buggy and more specifically the Meyers Manx.

Many have copied the concept and now across the globe there is quite a variety of Beach Buggies and all owe there existence to Bruce Meyers and the original Meyers Manx.

But why do people have a love affair with the beach buggy?

Is it the versatility of cruising down the highway one day and across the sand the next?

Or the simplicity of the design?

Or is it the ‘cool factor’ that turns heads everywhere you go?

Maybe it's a combination of all that and more?

It's the lifestyle that comes along with the buggy; it is the cool, the sun and surf, camping, off roading and going topless.

Ask anyone with a beach buggy and they will tell you it is the whole VIBE of it.

So want to get the VIBE talk to the guys at Volks-Mod who can help you get your backside into a buggy.

Go to the Projects page to learn a bit more about what we're working on at the moment.

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buggy on beach
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